Canvas print of an original painting "I'll be there in the darkness" by Tracy Hansen

“I'll be there in the darkness” a *canvas print of an original acrylic painting by Tracy Hansen

This acrylic painting captures the profound, unending darkness of Alaskan winters through its use of deep, rich navy blues and dark purples. The somber tones evoke the feeling of the long, shadowy nights that dominate this season, immersing the viewer in the essence of an Alaskan winter's perpetual twilight.

This painting has a rich feel which will add life to your home, office, doctor's office or any public space. 

*Prints may be slightly different from the original. Each print is offered in various sizes to give the customer more choices. Certain sizes may lose a small portion of the original painting.

Thick 1.25” gallery wrap
Warp-resistant construction
Printed on UV - resistant ink
Ready to hang with sealed back