Canvas Print of an original painting "Waves of Emotion: Peace" by Tracy Hansen

“Waves of Emotion: Peace” a *canvas print of an acrylic painting by Tracy Hansen
Part of the Waves of Emotion collection

This painting is the second of Waves of Emotion. It is on the other side that we begin to calm. This does not mean the storm has passed, but there is a peace. This painting is also layered with lots of energy and movement; however, it is done in various cool tones to give a more soothing approach. Looking at the piece, no matter how you feel, this painting will spark something inside you. 

The cool color and motion of this painting will do well in any space in  your home, office, doctors office or any public space.

*Prints may be slightly different from the original. Each print is offered in various sizes to give the customer more choices. Certain sizes may lose a small portion of the original painting.

Thick 1.25” gallery wrap
Warp-resistant construction
Printed on UV - resistant ink
Ready to hang with sealed back